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LA Weekly = "10 Groundbreaking Celebrity and Music Photographers" 

# 10. David Waldman, aka Kid With Camera - 

Over a decade ago, Toronto-based photographer David Waldman started taking pictures for his black-and-white zine, Kid With Camera. As one of the first consistent and prolific photo-bloggers, Waldman didn't have the luxury of Wordpress or Movable Type, so he hand-coded hundreds of HTML pages for his accompanying website with the same name. Soon, Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph started buying ads, and Waldman found himself going from poor art student to professional photographer. He's since captured images of nearly 1,000 bands, and has created album art and promo pics for groups like Austra. Meanwhile, his recent solo exhibition at the NXNE festival in Toronto featured The Exhibition About You: The Audience. From petty fights at shows to the handmade goods on merchandise tables, Walman says, "I photographed everything I saw. ... I thought it was gonzo to include these observations." Hunter S. Thompson would be proud."



May 9th '15 at

(Blocks Recording Club : farewell)

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Mar 7th '15 at
Jam Factory

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Feb 16th '15 at
June Records

(Final THS show)

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Feb 7th '15 at
Johnny Jackson

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Jan 29th '15 at
Horseshoe Tavern

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Jan 9th '15 at
Drake Hotel Underground

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