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Sep 6th '14 at
Downsview Park

Riot-Fest 2014

Sets :
  • The Almighty Trigger Happy
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    We Are Not Who We Are

    Almighty Trigger Happy are Canadian punk. More specifically Al (their lead singer) is a legend to me. One winter when we both worked at Gasoline Magazine Al helped me through a rough break up and some dark nights. Once Al was made-over to look like a genie escaping a bottle for a photo shoot I did for an Eye Weekly newspaper cover. ATH  were the first band of the day and really got the crowd going.

    Shot sun burnt, dehydrated and with my backup 2kg 2002 era EOS-1Ds.


    Hi Al and ATH, thanks for the all access "Artist" pass. I played it smooth and snuck around all day after with it ...

    By David

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